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Get the training you need and watch God take you from
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Gain the tools needed for

your ministry calling.

At Hatcher School of Ministry, you’ll learn how you were uniquely created and in what capacity of ministry you are most effective. So when you go out to impact the world, between your spirit, body and mind, you’re firing on all cylinders—affecting the greatest change for Christ. We specialize in the development of embryonic ministry gifts, pastors and missionaries. 

Those who are truly hungry for God, can participate in training, equipping, reaching, imparting, and releasing the power, anointing, and the knowledge of God in a structured training center environment, as well as our online learning curriculum and school of ministry. We also provide an educational environment with emphasis of academic excellence in conjunction with OJT, On the Job Training to provide an excellent vehicle for practical training in relevant ministry.


Live Out Your Calling Empowered by God's Grace! 

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Grow Spiritually 

Live your life with a greater closeness to God and grow in your intimacy with Him. We’ll help you achieve that through teaching, discipleship, hands-on ministry training, accountability, and community. 

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Discover Your Purpose

Discover God's divine blueprint for your life.  Get activated in your spiritual gifts through our Ministry Courses and get one-on-one personalized coaching so you can narrow the focus of your Calling


Make a Difference

You will experience a broad range of hands-on ministry opportunities. Then you’ll receive a personalized ministry path that is tailored to your passions, gifts and calling so you can make the maximum impact on the world around you!

I Am Made For:

Children/Family               Evangelism
Counseling                       Missions
Creative Media                Marketplace
Pastoral                            Prophetic  


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at with God. He has a blueprint from Heaven with your name on it. But it’s up to you to live it out.  Let us help you discover and live out the divine calling God has placed on your life!

Our Courses


3 years. 6 semesters. 

You’ll grow like you never imagined before, empowered to go places you never thought possible. We also provide an educational environment with emphasis of academic excellence in conjunction with OJT, On the Job Training to provide an excellent vehicle for practical training in relevant ministry.

You will both grow spiritually and be challenged during your time here! If you want to live out you full potential, experience the extension of power, learn how to apply God’s Word and change the world, click the button below to find out how you can make HSM your home!


Students Success Stories

Student #1
Pastor Howard's teachings and trainings have greatly affected my personal growth- not just spiritually, but in every area of my life. These life changing teachings has pulled me to higher levels in God, which has enhanced my ability to lead and mentor according to God's precepts and principles.

 Pastor Howard's ministry has increased my growth and development causing my pursuit of God to become more intentional. His messages go deep into the word of God and he explains it thoroughly with sound biblical doctrine as the foundation. A greater and deeper understanding of the five-fold ministry, as well as the laws that govern the kingdom of God has been given to me since attending IOMTC. Living according to God's laws has become a lifestyle, and my growth continues with every message and class.

Student #2


Pastor Howard is the quintessential expert and master marksman in wielding the word of God and walking in God’s wisdom, but the essence of why I love my Pastor and trust him, is that he is training God’s people to reach God’s apex in their unique gifts and calling by rightly dividing the word of truth and applying it to our conduct, character and conversation and bringing the reign of God’s Government to whomsoever will.

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